Anthony Spencer returns to the Cowboys after being out for a year

Anthony Spencer-CowboysAnthony Spencer didn’t know when he would return to action from the knee surgery that put his career in jeopardy, but the player apparently made a very good recovery, which came as great news to many fans and sports software services.

Many NFL fans remember that the player’s micro-fracture surgery was performed almost a year ago. On Sunday night, Spencer is set to take on the Saints.

Last season, the Cowboys’ DE was only able to feature in one game after he dealt with the problematic knee during the offseason last year.

Spencer, who was operated on October 1st of last year, did not attend Friday’s practice and was considered questionable after Rod Marinelli, the team’s defensive coordinator, said that he would likely hit the field on Sunday. Earlier during the week, the player was working out, although practice for him was limited.

Spencer will probably not do much when the Cowboys face New Orleans, but the help can be used by the Cowboys’ front four. Throughout three games, the defense was only able to record a single sack, and three were made by the team.

Dallas will take on Drew Brees, who in the last two years was only sacked one time in all of the games played against the Cowboys. The player was able to throw for 838 yards with no interceptions and 7 TD’s.

”It’s coming at a point in time where we need his strength with his pass rush,” said CB Brandon Carr.

”His ability to get off the ball will be big for us if we can find a way to get him into the game and get him after the quarterback.”

Sports software services remember when in 2012 – in his last full season – Spencer was able to record 11 sacks – a career-high.

A year ago, the player made $10.6 million, but now he’s only receiving a guaranteed $250,000 in his current contract worth $1.25 million that was signed late during free agency because his recovery was not certain.