Ticket Prices for Final Four games dropped Saturday

Ticket Prices for Final Four gamesIt was reported on Saturday that the cost of a ticket to the final games in the NCAA Tournament in Indianapolis was averaging $823.16, a drop of 23.8 from its highest price on Monday at $1,081.44.

Did an Indiana newly passed law have an effect on Final Four ticket prices? And now that I think about it, why are we so ok with secondary ticket sales, when scalpers were once punished for raising the price of a ticket for an event. I guess its all about supply and demand now and the internet.

Tickets for Monday’s final have also dropped and are now averaging $617.60, down 18.1% since the previous Monday’s high of $754.95. The lowest price to get in to see the NCAA Tournament championship game is $130.

Getting back to that law, although no teams withdrew from the tournament, last year’s champion, Connecticut, decided that they would pass on the final.

The law by the way is for religious freedom, and some fear that gays and others in the LGBT community would be treated differently, especially after all the work that has been done for rights and tolerance.

A fix was added to the law on Thursday to ensure that there will be no discrimination against gays, but it seems that NCAA Tournament championship ticket prices have already seen their highest earnings.

The average ticket price may have dropped but there are still a few high end seats left for the NCAA Tournament championship game for any of those big spenders who want a great view of the game.

The reseller Vivid Seats had street level 140 Row 23 for $9700 each, with 3 tickets available. If you have more friends there were 5 tickets at street level 140 row 24W for only $2000 each.

As the tournament and the madness winds down our attention returns to the final days of the regular seasons in the NBA and NHL, and of course the start of major league baseball.

Don’t forget to get your wagers on the MLB season totals in as Sunday see the first regular season game start with the Chicago Cubs hosting the St. Louis cardinals at 8:05 pm ET.