Attorney wants Florida laws to change after break-in to Ray Allen’s home

Ray AllenMany of Ray Allen’s Live betting fans believe that the seven teenagers who had the dumb idea of entering Ray Allen’s house in Florida while his kids and wife were sleeping deserved to have been arrested, and price per head agents learned that a city attorney is pushing to change the state laws so he can put future trespassers behind bars.

Live betting fans were amazed by the insanity behind the story, as price per head agents found out that last week, the teenagers were at a party at a house nearby when they decided to just walk inside the house, thinking that the NBA star was with LeBron James in Cleveland.

Pay per head services learned that once they got in, after their very unwise decision to open a door that happened to be unlocked, they were greeted by the player’s wife, who yelled at them, telling them to leave the premises. Live betting fans found out that luckily, they decided to follow her orders.

The police were called in, and the teenagers were located. They reportedly admitted to entering the house. However, price per head agents learned that there was a small problem – the teenagers could not be put under arrest because the laws in Florida simply don’t allow it.

Craig Leen, Coral Gables City Attorney who wants to see the teenagers punished, said that the police is only able to arrest a trespasser if the crime happens to be witnessed by an officer – and he believes that the law has to immediately change. Once they learned about this, many Live betting fans also wanted to see a change in this strange law.

The attorney said that he wants to see an “emergency ordinance to change current occupied trespassing to an arrestable offense without an officer having to witness it.”

“Part of the ordinance will also urge the governor, and legislators to change current Florida law – and make it a felony to trespass an occupied home.”

“We’re going to push this hard,” he said. “Ray Allen and his family — they’re the victims here — and we never want something like this to happen again.”

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Now, regarding the teenagers, Leen said that legal action will be taken against them for trespassing – and he believes that they’ll get the appropriate punishment.