Baltimore Ravens could be the ones to win the AFC’s fourth seed

Baltimore RavensIn 2014, the Baltimore Ravens were lucky and got a schedule that wasn’t very hard for them to deal with, and many local bookies believe that this could be a big advantage for the team this season. Pay per head agents know that that they have a very strong offense, and are well aware of their powerful defense – something that price per head services believe could once again give their opponents a very big headache.

Pay per head agents and many in the football world see the Ravens as a very serious contender, and with good reason. When it comes to their offense, they have the services of receiver Steve Smith, Ray Rice should do a good job at running back, and Joe Flacco should do very well at quarterback, but local bookies believe that he’s not one of the team’s best assets, as they simply don’t see him as a QB to brag about. Now, regarding their defense, they’ll employ the likes of C.J. Mosely, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, and a few more pieces can be added to the list. Pay per head agents know that with these players in their ranks, the Ravens’ defense is not something to be taken lightly. This season they could help the team pull off a very big surprise, and many local bookies can’t wait to see what they’ll do and how they’ll perform.

Pay per head have been paying very close attention to the progress made by every team in the AFC North, and believe that the Ravens will be the ones to lead the group, something that many in the football world would not mind seeing. Price per head services believe that they could also be the ones to clinch the AFC’s fourth seed, and local bookies know that many of their fans are confident that their team will make it even further this season. How far they’ll make it still a mystery, but many believe that this season the Ravens will be one the top teams in the NFL. We’ll just wait and see.