Brady Hoke is not concerned about his future with Michigan

Brady Hoke not worried about jobBrady Hoke, Michigan coach, said that losing the services of Dave Brandon – the athletic director that got him his job and is very famous with many football betting fans – did not make him more worried about the future that he has with the Wolverines.

Michigan’s total dropped in every season that they played under the coach since he led the Wolverines to a win in 2011in that year’s Sugar Bowl, which was his first season at the helm. This season, Michigan, who are currently 4-5, must win out, or their total is set to drop yet again.

In 2011, Dave Brandon hired Hoke, and last week the former AD resigned from the team after the public made a lot of noise to see somebody else take his role.

The coach said that not a lot of time was spent by him pondering about how his future could be affected after Brandon resigned, because this could unfair to the team.

“I’ve never been concerned about a job, ever, and I never will be,” Hoke said on Monday. “If I get concerned about a job, then you get distracted.”

The coach said that he briefly spoke to Jim Hackett – the temporary athletic director – after the Wolverines took out the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday. Hoke said that they didn’t talk about anything besides the game. Now the coach is looking forward to meeting Hackett so they can speak for a longer time, and hopes that it will happen soon enough.

Hackett will be able to decide in the same way that any interim AD would, and this includes deciding whether to part ways with the coach when the team is evaluated after the season is over, if a new AD isn’t hired by then.

The coach said that he met the current interim AD when he had his first spell as assistant coach at Michigan, and in the last four years he bumped into him.

Hoke did not want to talk about the AD’s resignation after the Wolverine’s game on Saturday. The coach said on Monday that he didn’t believe that the distractions off the field would get in the way of how his team was performing, and many football betting fans seriously hope that they don’t. He also said that he had plenty of respect for Brandon and is looking ahead.

“The one thing is I have a lot of respect for Dave,” said the coach.