Brandao might get a two-year ban after scuffle with Motta

Brandao two-year ban after scuffle with MottaBastia were not very pleased at all after Brandao’s scuffle with Thiago Motta when his side took on Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint-Germain, but pay per head sportsbooks learned that the club decided to not take any action on the player. However, local bookies learned that the French authorities are even less impressed by the incident, something that could mean trouble for the Brazilian forward, especially after they learned that he could be banned for two years.

Price per head services saw that on Saturday, Bastia lost 2-0 to PSG, and local bookies saw footage that surfaced after the match where Brandao – who is in his new season playing for Bastia – appeared to headbutt Motta when they were in the tunnel.

But even though Brandao was criticised by Bastia, the club said that the French football authorities will be the ones to decide on any punishment that the player could receive, and local bookies wonder what could await the player if they decide to take action against him.

The Paris outfit said that the incident was an “assault” and also said that Motta’s nose was broken after the alleged headbutt. Now pay per head sportsbooks learned that the French Football Federation (FFF) wants to see the player suspended for two years if Motta is out for more than eight days, according to their regulations.

“SC Bastia unequivocally condemns the gesture of striker Brandao on Thiago Motta after the final whistle of the match between PSG and Bastia,” read a statement on PSG’s official website.

“Pending additional news, Sporting [Bastia] reserves any possibility of further action in this matter.”

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Pay per head sportsbooks saw plenty of controversy when Bastia then suggested that the Brazilian forward acted that way after being provoked, saying: “We lament the equally unacceptable behavior or some players who are constantly insulting and provoking their opponents.”

Pay per head sportsbooks are always disappointed when these things happen in the sport, and can’t understand why so some players have to resort to violence to try to solve problems between them. Local bookies hope that this pickle will be settled in the best possible manner, and hopefully as soon as possible.