Butler believes that he’ll have a tough test against Tete

Paul ButlerPaul Butler said that on Friday night he will have to do a better job in the ring if he’s looking to become a world champion on two weights at Liverpool’s Echo Arena. Pay per head sportsbooks would like to see what will happen in this showdown, and fans everywhere are anticipating a brutal fight.

Butler is set to take on Zolani Tete to try to win the IBF light-flyweight belt, and it hasn’t even been a year since he clinched the IBF bantamweight title.

The Ellesmere Port man gave up the bantamweight belt after taking it away from Stuart Hall – British rival – following a split decision in what proved to be a very intense clash, and he thinks that now, as he went back to his normal weight, he has a more difficult job at hand – something that fans who follow the fighter can fully agree with.

“He (Tete) is going to be a lot tougher than Stuey Hall, who toughed it out a lot, and he has got a much better boxing pedigree,” said the 26-year-old, and the experts believe that he may very well have a point, as they can clearly see the experience and skills that he has in the ring.

“We know he’s good but we know I’m a better fighter. He’s had 16 knockouts from 19 wins but they haven’t come in great company. He won’t be able to cope with me in the ring.”

Butler is being very careful, and he has a very good reason to be cautious, as Tete has a proper record when it comes to knockouts, and the South African fighter also has good history in away wins.

Last July, the fighter went to Japan so could win what was a unanimous decision victory over Teiru Kinoshita – the undefeated favourite at home – clinching the belt.

However, the fighter also has very good form regarding giving up when the pressure rises, as shown in a knockout win in the middle of a fight to fellow countryman Moruti Mthalane, in a clash that took place in September of 2010, and one that pay per head sportsbooks remember very well.

“We know he travels well but he travels well against half-decent opponents,” added Butler.

“I am better than him. I am going to wear him down then knock him out.”

Boxing fans are confident that they’ll witness a real battle on Friday night, and can’t wait to see the show.