Carmelo Anthony was out against the Thunder due to back spasms

Carmelo Anthony suffered from back spasmsCarmelo Anthony, forward for the Knicks, suffered from back spasms and was not able to play for his second game in a row when his team was defeated 105-78 by the Thunder on Friday night. Pay per head services know how much his absence affects the Knicks, and can see that there are many concerned fans.

The forward’s back spasms initially showed up late on Monday night during the first half of the game between the Knicks and the Rockets, where New York lost 86-91.

It was reported that the player said that progress was made in the past few days.

Anthony participated in some of the team’s shooting drills for the very first time since he suffered the injury before the game on Friday.

“From not being able to straighten my back up to not even being able to get out of bed to walking and shooting a little bit, I’ve made huge strides in the past couple of days,” said Anthony.

The player said that the spasms on his back are related to a muscle problem, and don’t show that he has an injury on a disk, which would be much more serious.

He also said that “80 percent” of the spams diminished, and also mentioned having been in very heavy pain on Monday night, when the spasms initially appeared.

“I couldn’t talk,” said the player. “Teammates were coming up to me and asking me if I was OK. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk, couldn’t move. I couldn’t scratch my forehead to see where I was at. I never experienced any type of pain like that.”

It isn’t certain what his status will be for the team’s game against the Heat on Sunday, but the fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

“I’m worried about how my back is going to react to what I just did right now, so I’ll go in there and get some more treatment and see how it feels tonight and the morning,” said the player.

This season, Anthony’s injury was the second one suffered by the player. Last week, he said that his left knee had discomfort, and that it showed up in the season’s second meeting. On Friday, the player said that there’s no relation between the injuries suffered on his back and knee.

Without Anthony, the Knicks were beaten in two games in a row. Pay per head services know that he’s a key piece to the team, and hope to see him on the court as healthy as possible.