Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons NFL Week 6 Betting Line

Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta FalconsAtlanta and Chicago both lost two games in a row as they’re moving into their NFC showdown on Sunday. Now many Live betting fans are wondering if the Falcons will be able to properly use their defense against the Bears’ offense – which could prove to be dangerous – or if the Falcons will just end up being outscored by their opponents.

Many fans saw that Atlanta’s betting line opened with them being the favorites by three points. 53.5 was the total.

Chicago ended up losing two consecutive games after they blew a lead of 21-7 when they were beaten by the Panthers 31-24 last week. The Bears were able to outgain the last two teams they faced, but turnovers and big plays got in the way, and they couldn’t win. Two weeks back, the Bears were leading the Packers late into their game’s second quarter, and in the third, Chicago had the chance of tying the score, but the game went the other way after the much talked about interception by Jay Cutler.

The Bears had a lead at halftime last week, but they were thwarted in the second half of the game. Many experts believe that if Chicago is able to get help with their defense and stay away from turnovers, they could have a chance to come out on top in this game.

The Falcons’ Live betting fans saw that this season was a roller coaster rider for the team, but many fans expect them to do much better from now on. Atlanta had a very nice win against the Saints on Week 1, were then beaten by the Bengals, and then they demolished the Buccaneers. However, since then, they ended up losing twice, and their most recent loss was against the Giants last week, where they lost 30-20. Many fans saw that Atlanta had a lead of 20-10 over the Giants in the middle of the game’s third quarter, but the Falcons couldn’t do much after this.

Atlanta have a ranking of third in the NFL in total offense, with an average of 435 yards-per-game, and when it comes to scoring, they’re 30 points. Live betting fans find it very difficult to predict what will happen with Atlanta, considering their very unstable season, but many experts out there tip the Falcons to win.