DE Willie Young would like to play with Suh again

Cleveland Browns2014Cleveland DE Willie Young would like to see DT Ndamukong Suh, former Lions teammate, join the ranks of the Bears, as on Tuesday he said that during the offseason he could ask the player to join the team.

“I could see myself doing that. It just depends on, obviously, it’s gonna come down to a business standpoint for him in particular,” said Young. “But at the end of the day, we’ve got some good guys here right now. He could come and join me. He could come and join what we’re about to build over here in Chicago. We would appreciate it. We would like to have him.”

Detroit decided to end contract talks on the player before training camp started. It is believed that Suh is getting ready leave the Lions when the season finishes, and the team is preparing for this possible scenario.

It was reported that Suh said that he’s interested of joining a team in New York, and also mentioned being interested in the Cowboys and Bears.

Suh – one of five players in the Lions’ defensive line who will reportedly become a free agent – did not want to talk about the situation regarding his contract. This season, Suh will make $12.5 million, and $22.4 million are counted against the salary cap that Detroit has.

So far this season, Suh was able to contribute a sack and 13 tackles throughout five games.

In March, a three-year deal that’s worth $9 million was signed by Young to join Chicago, and the player said that when it comes to their efforts, he is similar to Suh.

“He’s a great professional. He comes in, he gets his job done,” said Young. “He’s a lot like me: He wants to make every play on the field.”

Sports software services know very well that Suh is an amazing player, and believe that many teams in the NFL would receive a very big boost if they decide to acquire his services. NFL fans all over the country will closely monitor developments on Suh, and would really like to see where he’ll end up playing once this season is over.