DeMarcus Cousins leaves the media guessing

DeMarcus Cousins - Sacramento NBADeMarcus Cousins, who was not very happy at all after reports released about him not being in favor of the hiring of George Karl as the Kings’ new coach, was not willing to discuss with reporters his shot that won the game on Sunday, but he did have something else to say, leaving many fans and pay per head services guessing.

“I ain’t pumped up. I’ve just got a lot on my mind,” said Cousins. “The crazy thing about it is, I’ve just got a question for y’all: How you gonna stop God’s plan? How you gonna do that? How you gonna do that? That’s all I want to know. How you gonna stop God’s plan?

“Man, this city done put me through so much, and I stayed loyal to it the whole time. Hey, I just wanna know, how you gonna stop God’s plan? God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. The marathon continues. I’m out.”

The player scored with a jumper having very little time left, giving Sacramento a win of 85-83 over the Suns and putting an end to a three-game losing run by the Kings. In the game, 28 points were scored by the player, as well as 12 rebounds.

In the last few days, Sacramento held some very serious talks for the head coaching position with Karl as well as his representatives, as the performance made by the team got worse with Tyrone Corbin, interim coach. The coach, along with his representatives, tried to keep this change from taking place, as reported by sources, but many fans and pay per head services are sure that a switch could be the best thing for the team right now.

Jarinn Akana, one of Cousins’ agents, was working with the Nuggets alongside Karl, and he was moved from being an assistant coach to becoming a scout for the team in 2005, when the role was taken by Karl in Denver, something that many fans remember very well.

In December, Cousins was allegedly against coach Michael Malone getting fired by the team.

“It’s been a combination of different things that have been going on over the last few weeks,” said Corbin after the team were able to win the game on Sunday. “Our guys have been on edge.

“I told these guys that the only thing you can control is your play on the floor. Speculation will be around as long as you’re in this league.”