Dez Bryant calls the Eagles ‘kinda cheap’ after loss

Dez Bryant - CowboysCowboys WR Dez Bryant said that some players for the Eagles were “being kinda cheap” in the teams’ Thanksgiving Day NFC East matchup, in a game that sportsbook software services saw was very tense.

So now Bryant and some of the player’s teammates are very eager to have a rematch.

“I’m really not mad at all,” the WR said after Dallas were beaten on Thursday 33-10. “They beat us and I’m going to accept that, but [expletive] can’t wait, but not looking past Chicago [on Dec. 4], but I cannot wait to go up there and play [Philadelphia] again. Cannot wait.”

In the loss, Bryant was able to catch the ball four times for 73 yards and no TD’s. He ended up getting into quite a few scuffles with defensive backs for the Eagles, saying that his lip was smashed due to this. The player also said that his hip was elbowed.

“They were being kinda cheap,” said Bryant. “That’s another story. It is what it is. I’ll get it cleaned up and I’ll be fine.”

Dallas’ defense was seriously struggling with the Eagles’ offense, which was able to convert 53% of its plays in the third down, and added 464 yards, which is the most that was allowed this season by the Cowboys, to the disappointment of many fans.

When it comes to their offense, RB DeMarco Murray, who’s the leading rusher in the league, finished the game with 73 yards, which is a season low, and QB Tony Romo’s TD streak finished at 38 meetings.

Despite this, the Cowboys believe that they’ll do a much better job on December 14, when they face the Eagles again.

“It will help us a lot,” said DE Jeremy Mincey. “This loss lit a fire in this locker room. I still see the desire, passion and fire in every teammate’s eyes, and I promise you we will be ready for the second go-around. We got Round 2 and they got to see us again, and we will be another team, I can promise you that.”

The Cowboys’ fans probably also want revenge – especially when they learned about what happened – and can’t wait to see how their team will fare when they meet the Eagles again next month. Sportsbook software services believe that Dallas might be able to avenge the loss if they work on their game, but this is yet to be seen.