Driskel and Harris will both play for Florida

Florida Gators footballOn Monday, coach Will Muschamp said that the Florida Gators will use two QB’s when they take on Missouri on Saturday at home, and many football betting fans see this as a very good move.

Treon Harris will be the one to share the snaps with Jeff Driskel, and this will happen a week after Harris was investigated in a case involving sexual battery.

“They both will play this week and we’ll see how things go,” said the coach. “Right now Jeff will probably start, but they’re both going to play.”

This season, Driskel had plenty of struggles, as in his last 11 quarters the player had eight turnovers. After Driskel threw his third interception on October 4 when his team Tennessee, the player was brought in to take the place of Harris, who rallied the Gators to the team’s only points in a win of 10-9.

A few hours later, Harris ended up being accused of sexual battery and the player was then suspended. Last Friday, when the complaint was withdrawn by the accuser, the player was put back in the team, but he wasn’t able to take on LSU after he missed a whole weeks’ worth of practice time.

On Saturday, the player was sitting with the coaches alongside Kurt Roper, the team’s offensive coordinator. LSU beat Florida 30-27.

“[Harris is] a guy that has shown the ability to make some plays,” said the coach. “He takes the ball in the right spots, accurate with his passes, has a certain confidence about him.”

Driskel, who’s playing for a fourth year, said that on Monday he was informed of the move, and this was just before the player spoke to the media.

“Treon and I are both going to work hard this week,” said the player. “We’re both going to work for each other, and we’re both going to hope that other person does well when they’re in.

“Obviously that’s something that we think that can help the team, so if it’s going to help the team, I’m all for it.”

Perhead.eu fans can see that the Gators’ passing offense, who in five games has 1,043 yards and eight TD’s, has a ranking of one the SEC’s worst. Driskel is one of the players in the NFL who is rated the lowest, with an average of 175.6 passing yards a game, and a pass completion of 55%.

“I want to play better,” said Driskel. “Whatever comes after that, whatever happens, happens. That’s not my call to make. I want to play better and give our team the best chance to win.”