Foles might not perform as well for the Eagles this time around

Nick FolesLive betting fans who saw the Philadelphia Eagles perform in 2013 could see that the team’s success was accomplished largely thanks to Nick Foles’ impressive performances, and price per head agents will not forget how well the player did last season.

Price per head agents and many of the team’s Live betting fans are confident that Foles will do a good job as a starting quarterback – this is pretty much agreed on – but they do have some doubts over his overall performance this season.

Many local bookies who have been following the player and his career believe that he simply cannot do what did for the Eagles last year this time around. Pay per head agents saw that in 2013, the player excelled in the game – and many Live betting fans believe that he went beyond that. Can he accomplish this again? Nobody knows for sure, but many local bookies believe that it’s not very realistic scenario.

Local bookies don’t have many doubts when it comes to the Eagles’ offense – they’re sure that they’ll be a force to reckon with. However, pay per head services also believe that no matter how strong their offense will prove to be, it will miss the element of control. Now, regarding their defense, the Eagles do have some very good players, like Brandon Boykin, Trent Cole, and Demeco Ryans, but many of the team’s Live betting fans are bit skeptical over this group.

All in all, pay per head agents believe that the Eagles have a good enough team to get them in to the postseason, and many Live betting fans believe that they will be the ones to clinch the NFC’s fourth seed.

Will the Eagles really be able to make it this far? Well, that is still a big mystery. One thing is for certain though – the Eagles will do their best to put on a very good show when the season gets underway, and the team’s Live betting fans are very eager to see how they will perform.