Hillis suffers concussion and is placed on the IR list

Peyton Hillis suffers concussion-GiantsOn Saturday, the Giants put RB Peyton Hillis on the IR list after the player suffered a concussion in the team’s defeat to the Seahawks on Sunday, and many live betting fans were very concerned when they learned about this, since this type of injury wouldn’t be the first one suffered by the player.

In the last 12 months, this would be the second time that Hillis suffered a concussion. The player had one in the team’s loss at home to the Seahawks on December 15, and he ended up missing the game against the Lions the week after.

“It’s tough,” said the player. “You know, because you’re right, I’ve been trying to get my career going again and it’s just been really tough because I haven’t had a lot of opportunities. But, I’ve been blessed to be on the team. It’s crazy how one hit can take me out for the rest of the year. That’s very depressing.”

The Giants decided to sign LB Justin Anderson from the team’s practice squad so he could take the place of Hillis on their active roster list. The player is able to take the place of Hillis on their special teams, and give them depth at the LB position, where this week the team will be short because LB Jacquian William also suffered a concussion and will end up missing the game on Sunday.

On Monday, Hillis is set to receive another MRI, and the player’s live betting fans hope for the best.

“They told me because since this was my third concussion, they didn’t want to take it too lightly,” said the player. “So, we are supposed to take another MRI on Monday to make sure that everything is still working fine because I’m still having symptoms right now.”

And when he was asked about the symptoms that he was experiencing, he said:

“You know, the fogginess. Headaches come and go. Stuff like that,” said Hillis.

This week, Hillis turns out to be the second RB to be placed on an IR list that would end his season, after Michael Cox, who ended up breaking his leg in the game against the Seahawks. For depth, New York acquired the services of RB Orleans Darkwa from Miami’s practice squad, and this week they also get back starting RB Rashad from the injury to the knee that put him on the sidelines for the team’s last four meetings.