Jay Gruden could have preferred Cousins to RG3

Kirk CousinsLocal bookies saw that in August, before the season started for the Redskins’ Robert Griffin III – who is currently out with an ankle injury – there was plenty of speculation whether Kirk Cousins would perform better than RG3 at the quarterback position.

Coach Gruden apparently thought that on Sunday night, the Washington Post’s Mike Wise was able to report as much after RG3 was replaced by Cousins following the injury, leading the team to beat the Jaguars 41-10.

“The dirty little secret in Ashburn is that Coach Jay Gruden actually thought Kirk Cousins was better suited to his offense, that Robert Griffin III wasn’t getting it and there was no way to delicately make a change at any point this season without causing major problems throughout the organization,” wrote Wise.

Many fans believe that what he said is pretty reasonable, as they know that putting RG3 on the sidelines before the season started for Cousins would have created a lot of problems in Washington.

Wise said that he almost wasn’t going to write about this because it “felt like piling on” the player following his ankle injury. But then in the locker room he saw “a very jubilant scene”, and many local bookies can understand their happiness after the win, but also know that they lost their starting quarterback.

And many experts believe that the coach did not really worry too much about the way that things turned out regarding his situation with their quarterbacks.

“Kirk is a true pro,” the coach said. “He’s handled being a backup like a pro, he’s waited patiently, and now his time is going to come to really take this thing and run with it.”

Then he stressed that with Cousins, the Redskins “can win any game”, and believes that the player is “very much suited for what we do.”

“Kirk is a special guy. He started four games last year and didn’t have great success, but obviously has a skill set that I feel like is very much suited for what we do,” said the coach. “He can handle it mentally, and obviously, physically.

“I feel that he can make every throw in the book and we are going to move forward with Kirk.”