Josh Gordon suspension set to be reduced

Josh GordonAccording to sources, the suspension given to Josh Gordon is set to be cut from a year to 10 games, after the NFLPA decided to approve the league’s new policy involving drug testing. Pay per head agents can see how controversial this issue is proving to be, but are glad to know that the Browns’ WR won’t be suspended for so long.

Many fans were very happy to learn that the NFL’s new drug policy will see Gordon return to action sooner than was initially planned.

Chris Mortensen – a spokesman for the NFL – said that “there continue to be significant unresolved issues” regarding the league’s new policy involving drugs, and many experts believe that they should continue to seriously look over this matter. It was reported that one of those issues is if the players who are immediately recalled to their teams would be able to play on Sunday as well as on Monday.

Sources reported that as Week 1 is already over, the player will be qualified to hit the field after the next nine games played by the Browns – something that many fans see as very good news.

The very famous wide receiver was suspended for the whole 2014 season due to another failed drug test while he was already included in the new drug program implemented by the league.

Gordon said that he would not have tested positive for marijuana use under the new policy implemented by the league, and this gave many fans a lot to think about.

Last season, Gordon, 23-years-old, was banned for two games, but a year back, the player was the one to lead the NFL with nine touchdowns and 1,646 receiving yards.

NFL fans and pay per head agents are well aware of what big of a problem drug use can be within the league, but also believe that they did the right thing by taking a second look at their illicit substance policy. Gordon’s fans and the football world in general will continue to follow the player’s progress in the game, and would like to see what will ultimately happen with the league’s new drug policy.