Luis Suarez is looking for help to prevent further biting

Luis SuarezBetting software services and Live betting fans following Luis Suarez were glad to learn that the player is looking for professional assistance to prevent another biting incident from happening again.

Suarez, who just joined the ranks of Barca, said that he was feeling “depressed” after the incident where he Giorgio Chiellini in a match against Italy during the World Cup.

Betting software services were shocked when they found out that it was the third time that the Uruguayan striker bit an opponent while playing in a match, and FIFA gave swift punishment. He was first suspended for four months from all activity related to football, as well as his country’s next nine international matches. Many Live betting fans thought that the decision was a little to severe.

But Live betting fans were somewhat pleased to learn that the player’s suspension was modified a bit. Sportsbook software services learned that he can now play in friendlies and train for Barca, but he can’t play competitively for them until their Clasico match against Real Madrid in October, and the 27-year-old was also suspended from the Copa America in 2015.

Barca officials said in a news conference that they paid Liverpool £65million to get Suarez’s services – not the reported £75m – and Live betting fans saw that the player also had something to say when he was asked about his biting.

Suarez said: “The suspension, well that’s what there is and I have just got to respect it.

“The second question [how to prevent further biting] – that’s a private matter. I’d rather not comment. But I am speaking to professionals. The right professionals.

“Afterwards [following the Chiellini bite], I was really depressed. I didn’t feel like doing anything.

“I spoke to my psychologist and he said that I had to face reality and say I was sorry.”

And betting software services saw that when the player was asked if he was concerned that his Barca move would crumple due to his bite, he added: “Of course I was concerned.

“Not just [about] the transfer…my person [and] what I did. I’m trying to forget about it and concentrate on the present.”

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Live betting fans saw that on Monday, the player made a short debut for the Catalan giants at Camp Nou, as Barca gave Leon, Mexican visitors, a beating of 6-0.