Matt Schaub disappointed for not getting the starter role

Oakland RaidersMatt Schaub said that he was disappointed with the Oakland Raiders for giving rookie Derek Carr the starting job instead of him in the regular season’s opener, but pay per head agents were glad to learn that the player wants to help the Raiders any way he can.

“I’m definitely disappointed, but it wouldn’t do me or the team any good if I just stood here and felt sorry for myself,” the player said.

“I’m definitely disappointed but it wouldn’t do me or the team any good if I just stood here and felt sorry for myself,” Schaub said.

“Coach Allen told me it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do,” he said on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the coach said that Schaub will still be on the team’s plans to be Carr’s backup when the Raiders take on the New York Jets on Sunday. Last week, Schaub was not able to play due to minor soreness in his elbow. However, he said that he is in good condition to play on Sunday if needed.

In March, Schaub was acquired by Oakland from Houston. This season, a guaranteed $8 million were given to the player by the Raiders.

The player said that in the weekend he was surprised when the coach told him about the change of plans, but also said that he wouldn’t have taken any different approach to training camp if he knew that his job was in jeopardy.

“My job now is to help Derek in any way I can,” Schaub said.

Carr, who happens to be the first rookie QB this year to become a starter, said that Schaub was of great help throughout the preseason, and that he continued to be. Carr said that he is obviously eager to start, but all summer he was only focused on being just another player.

“All I care about is the Raiders winning,” Carr said.

The player said that now his job is to prove to Oakland that they were right in picking him as their starter, and pay per head agents believe that the team made a very good decision.