Mick Delaney to retire as Montana’s coach at the end of the season

Mick Delaney retire as Montana CoachMick Delaney, Montana Grizzlies coach, is set to retire when the season comes to an end, and sportsbook software services know how much he will be missed, considering all that was able to contribute to the team.

On Sunday, the coach told his players and assistants about the decision that he made as they started to get ready for the Montana State-Montana game taking place this weekend.

On the last three seasons, his teams were able to post a 22-13 overall record. Montana are now 7-4 overall, and in the Big Sky the team is currently tied for second place this season with a record of 5-2.

From 2008-2011, Delaney served as an assistant at the school, and the coach briefly retired before returning in 2012 as the head coach. Next month the coach is set to turn 72.

“It’s time for someone younger with a lot of energy and so forth to come in,” said the coach.

The coach said that he hopes that in the program, assistants get plenty of consideration for what he said was “one of the best jobs in America.”

Kent Haslam, athletic director, gave his thanks to the coach for the contributions that he made to the team, and said that the Grizzlies will start looking for his replacement in the head coaching role

“This is a wonderful place to work and live. We have great momentum right now and I am confident we will find a head coach that can build on that momentum,” said Haslam.

From 1968-69, Delaney served as an assistant to Jack Swarthout, Montana’s coach back then. From 1978-81, the coach worked at Montana State as an assistant. From 1991-92, he was serving at Montana Western as their head coach, and from 1993-2007 he coached the RB’s at Colorado State. Then he went back with the Grizzlies.

On Saturday, Montana most likely have to beat Montana State to keep alive the hopes that they have to make it to the playoffs.

The Missoulian said that DE Zack Wagenmann told them that now the Grizzlies will have bit more emotion when they hit the field.

“We want to send him out the right way,” said Wagenmann. “He deserves that. He’s given so much to us, so much to the program. It would only be right to send him off the right way.”

The Grizzlies’ fans and sportsbook software services are very well aware of what a key element Delaney was to Montana’s football program throughout the years, and know that he will be dearly missed in the school.