Minnesota might not stand a chance against Ohio State’s offense

Ohio State vs. Michigan StateOhio State just had a massive win over Michigan State, and now pay per head services can see that the Buckeyes are very big contenders for the playoffs. The team will definitely have to win outright, but many fans and live betting services can agree that this clash against the Golden Gophers could prove to be very intense.

This season, the Golden Gophers only lost on two occasions. But they’re leaving a very big win after they took out Iowa, and they have a very big opportunity to reach the title game of the Big 10. However, Minnesota simply can’t lose again to another team in the Big 10, and many fans believe that something extraordinary must happen on the field for the Gophers to win this meeting.

This season the Buckeyes were able to have an average of quite a few points (46 points per game), and it will not be easy at all to stop J.T. Barrett and friends.

Many fans may believe that Ohio State should not have any problems when it comes to beating the Gophers, after having scored 49 points in a road game against Michigan State. Even though the Gophers could give a very difficult game, many experts believe that Ohio State will be the ones to come out on top in this showdown.

The Gophers were able to win seven games in a row – impressing many fans in the process – and many consider them to be the top team in their conference, which considering how well they’d done so far, could very well be true. The chances are very high that Ohio State will effectively do their job and win this meeting as well as every other game after this one during the rest of the regular season, and maybe even beyond that. There’s still a question mark hovering over Ohio State’s possibilities of making it to the playoffs, but considering everything, this year the Buckeyes could have suffered just a single loss.

Nevertheless, many experts know that Ohio State have a very dangerous offense and will get things done, and also think that the Gophers will not stand a chance against this season’s mighty Buckeyes.

Whatever happens on the field on Saturday, one thing that many fans and pay per head services are certain of is seeing a very interesting showdown. Ohio State is favored amongst many fans to win the game, but it’s still too early to tell what will happen on the field in this showdown.