Noah suffered sprained ankle and left the game against the Wizards

Joakim Noah, Bulls center, suffered a right ankle sprain in his team’s 105-99 defeat to the WizardsOn Wednesday night, Joakim Noah, Bulls center, suffered a right ankle sprain in his team’s 105-99 defeat to the Wizards, and sportsbook software services could see that many fans were worried when they saw that he didn’t go back to the game.

In the game’s first half, Noah recorded 2 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds. His play was taken by Taj Gibson to begin the third quarter of the meeting. Tom Thibodeau, head coach for the Bulls, said that on Thursday the player would be examined again.
Noah was wearing a walking book when he left the United Center.

On Friday night, the team will face the Celtics, and Derrick Rose, point guard, is aware that it will be difficult for the Bulls if Noah will miss time on the court.

“It’s going to be huge when you lose a player like Jo with his energy and just his size,” said Rose.

“Because we’re a big team and we got a lot of big guys, but losing a seven footer on any team, a starting seven footer, I think it would hurt any team.”

Pau Gasol knew that there was a change in the game when the player wasn’t able to return in the second half of the meeting.

“Obviously it was a factor,” said Gasol. “We were up when he was in there and we were down when he wasn’t. Jo does a lot of things for us defensively. His activity and his length are important for us. That’s unfortunate that he got hurt and wasn’t able to play.”

This wouldn’t be the first setback that the All-Star center suffers this season due to injury. Throughout the season, the player was looking to go back to his top form after the arthroscopic left knee surgery in May, and now is not performing like he used to. This season, Noah only has an average of 9.6 rebounds and 7.8 points, while he adjusts to Gasol’s play.

Earlier this year, Noah wasn’t able play due to the injuries on his ankle and knee. Sportsbook software services saw that on the 2nd of December, the center suffered a sprain on his right ankle when his team was beaten by the Mavericks, and again it tweaked when the Bulls beat the Hornets on the 3rd of December. He featured for 33 minutes on the 6th of December when they were beaten by the Warriors, and then he ended up missing four games.