Paul Smith says that Arthur Abraham is in decline

Paul Smith was beaten on points by the champion of the WBO super middleweights in a controversial matterPaul Smith said that Arthur Abraham is no longer in his best form, and this weekend he’s looking to take him out, but sportsbook software services know that anything can happen when these fighters face each other on Saturday.

Last September, Smith was beaten on points by the champion of the WBO super middleweights in a controversial matter, but his great performance will see him have a rematch in Berlin that fans all over the world are very eager to see.

The fighters were very courteous with each other before their first clash, but the 32-year-old was not very happy at all when Abraham recently suggested that he will be the one to win by means of a knockout.

The Merseyside fighter believes that the fitness of the 34-year-old champion is going down, saying that he’s much more able to win this highly anticipated clash, and sportsbook software services wonder if his words will prove to be true.

The fighter said: “He’s saying that I won’t hear the final bell and I’m banking on it myself if I’m honest with you. I don’t want to hear the final bell. I believe I can get him out of there.

“I think he’s old and showing his age and I believe I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from the last fight. There is a lot more I can do from the last fight which I’ve learnt from and I’ve picked up on.

“I’ll be surprised if he’s even watched the last fight. He’s a three-time world champion – it’s not something that he will worry about.

“It’s alright him saying he’s going to knock me out. He said it the last time. He couldn’t do it last time and he won’t do it this time.”

Smith’s work-rate was giving Abraham problems, and the fighter believes that in a few days he can increase the pressure even more.

When he was asked about what he was looking forward to when facing Smith, Abraham said: “A new British world champion – tune in to watch that, tune in to support, tune in to see it happen.

“I know I can beat him. I know I’ve got everything I need in the tank to beat him. Everything has been done right in camp, I’m bang on form, I’m in shape and I’m more than ready.”