Pay per Head Agents: Blake Griffin is good to go

Blake GriffinLA Clippers forward Blake Griffin, who local bookies know is very famous for his determination and amazing dunks, and who had no choice but to pull out of Team USA practices so a small back fracture could heal, is working out, and pay per head agents were very happy to learn that the player looks forward to be fit for next season.

“It’s less than a hairline, and my back is not fractured. Everything is still intact,” Griffin said. “I can still come out here, and I can do my workouts, and I can do everything I used to do. I just shouldn’t be playing and practicing every day this early.”

Price per head services remember when last month Griffin pulled out of the Team USA training camp after doctors advised the player to let the fracture heal, and his injury concerned many local bookies. Now pay per head agents found out that the player is working out in LA with Sasha Vujacic and teammate DeAndre Jordan, and his fans hope that this proves to be fruitful.

Griffin said that he decided to rest and add strength to his back over participating in the FIBA World Cup – a tournament that ends on September 14. Local bookies believe that the player made a very good decision to take it easy.

“My whole thing is that I didn’t want to go into [Clippers training] camp and put myself in a worse position,” Griffin said. “It’s not that my back is broken and I’m walking around with a broken back, or I’m in so much pain.

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“But if I start playing basically two months earlier than everybody else and then go through all of next season and the playoffs, then I’m probably going to put myself in a bad position. I couldn’t do that.”

Pay per head agents and local bookies want to see Griffin on the court as soon as possible, and know that for this to happen the player has to take very good care of his back. Hopefully all will go well, and next season they hope to see him do his magic on the court.