Pay per Head: Allegri praises Milan’s win over Sampdoria

Massimiliano AllegriMassimiliano Allegri and pay per head services following Milan were delighted with the response made by the club in Saturday’s 1-0 victory over Sampdoria after a bad run of form.

Pay per head services saw that a goal made by Valter Birsa in the second half’s first minute gave Milan their first victory in four league matches, and afterwards Allegri praised a necessary win.

“We won a difficult and important game,” he said.

“We needed this win after three matches with just two points. We also kept our first clean sheet and ran a few risks, aside from a header in the first half and some long-range shots we could have avoided.

“We had started fairly well and got to the byline, but then had the final pass wrong.

“We started the second half much better and could have had a second goal while defending in an organised fashion.”

And pay per head services were impressed to see that a strike by Birsa from 20 yards was his first one for the club, and Allegri praised the player.

“He is a good player with good technique who had already played well against Bologna and Napoli,” he said.

“Obviously when the team loses then some players are likely to get blamed. He arrived from Genoa at the last moment and few knew him, but he can belong at Milan.

“I have a good squad at my disposal and we started badly in Serie A, but we are getting back on track.”

Price per head services could see that after a dull first half, Birsa’s goal early in the second period was what gave Milan the perfect boost, and Allegri said that at half-time there was no panic in the dressing room.

“There was no need to shout,” he continued.

“At the moment when things are going badly you just need to reassure the lads. They have been putting in the effort and it’s a question of centimetres between a goal and a wasted chance.

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“I think the players should be complimented, as even in difficulty and tired they were able to control the game.”