Pay per Head: Ancelotti confirms that he won’t replace Sami Khedira

Carlo AncelottiCarlo Ancelotti confirmed that in the January transfer window Real Madrid won’t sign a replacement for Sami Khedira, and pay per head services were wondering about this situation.

Pay per head services know that this season, the midfielder is struggling to play again, and he could end up missing the FIFA World Cup after having injured cruciate ligaments in his right knee during Germany’s friendly match on Friday against Italy.

But even though Ancelotti realises that the player’s absence is a blow to the squad, he believes that there is enough cover, and price per head services would like to see if this proves to be true.

“Khedira is a very important player for the team’s balance. We need to find another solution,” the Italian told reporters on Monday at a book launch.

“I’m sure we will be able to manage this absence, which will be significant for us.

And pay per head services are very well aware of just how important the player is to the club, and would like to see how they will perform in his absence.

“We have several solutions in midfield. We can select a player with similar characteristics, or change the system, because we have to play a system the players are comfortable with.

“We will not consider signing someone. I need to think about (the best course of action) because there are players we have who have not played very many minutes.”

Xabi Alonso – another midfielder for Real – suffered an injury while he was playing for Spain against Equatorial Guinea – something that greatly concerned many fans and pay per head services.

“For Xabi, it is a knock,” Ancelotti added.

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Fans all over the world and pay per head services will continue to monitor Khedira’s progress, and they would like to see the player recover his form as soon as possible, as they know what a valuable player he is for the squad and their overall performance.