Pay per Head: Ancelotti wants Di Maria controversy to end

Carlo AncelottiCarlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, wants to put an end to the controversy surrounding the gesture made by Angel Di Maria after the player’s substitution on Monday, and pay per head services can see how problematic this issue is still proving to be.

Pay per head services saw that Di Maria was withdrawn in the second half of Real’s 3-0 win over Celta Vigo in La Liga and looked like he was grabbing his groin as he was walking off the pitch.

The winger’s gesture was reportedly aimed at sections of the home crowd following a poor performance, but pay per head services found out that later on Di Maria explained that his actions were “misunderstood”.

Ancelotti wants to see the controversy come to an end, and he said that the player is focused on his role at the club in the midst of constant reports of moving away from Real, and pay per head services know how important it is for him to keep his concentration.

“We have to believe the player. He’s given his explanation. If anyone thinks that it was a rude gesture, he’s apologised,” Ancelotti said.

“He’s focused and I don’t think he’ll have any problems at the Bernabeu. That’s my hope. These fans are always demanding but they’re very fond of their players and I don’t think he’ll have any problems (in Thursday’s Copa del Rey clash with Osasuna).

“The fans understand him. It’s possible that he made a mistake but the issue has to be finished with quickly because we have a lot of matches and we need him.”

The coach also said that during the current transfer window there would be no changes in his side, and price per head services saw that this came as a relief to many fans.

“There won’t be any changes,” he said.

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“We have a great squad. We don’t have any unusual injuries and we hope to have (Raphael) Varane back in 15 days.”