Pay per Head: Benitez praises Hamsik after Napoli win

rafaelbenitezRafael Benitez was delighted with Marek Hamsik after his side’s 4-0 victory on Sunday over Livorno, and pay per head services following Napoli were impressed with how well the player performed.

Pay per head services saw that the Slovakian scored the goal in the rout as the Naples side extended their undefeated start to seven Serie A fixtures, and Benitez hopes to see the midfielder getting close to his best form.

“The problem with Hamsik isn’t that his level is not the same as before,” he said.

“The problem is that his level was so high before that it isn’t easy to keep it.

“If the team makes a good collective job, he can always make a good performance. Today he was always in the opponent’s area and managed to score a goal.

“This will surely increase his confidence for the next matches.”

Napoli’s coach said that the international break was coming at a very good time for his team as he looks to get players like Gonzalo Higuain back from injury, and pay per head services can see that the timing is perfect.

“The break will be positive for these players,” he said.

Price per head services completely agree, as they know that the players simply need to take a break so they can improve their performance.

“Right now there are four injured players who have to work with the physiotherapist and then they will train regularly.

“During the break we won’t have many players as five, six, or seven players usually join the national teams.

“In any case the players will train, but will also have the time to recover after this series of consecutive matches.

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“Once the players joining the national teams will be back, we’ll see their condition.”

Pay per head services all over the world that follow Napoli hope to see the team in great overall shape, and many fans are confident of seeing their side clinch many victories in future matches.