Pay per Head: Martinez says that McGeady is a ‘phenomenal’ player

Roberto Martinez, Everton manager, said that winger Aiden McGeady is a “phenomenal player” and that soon he will be at full fitness – something that pay per head services all over the world would really like to see.

Pay per head services saw that in the January transfer window, McGeady moved to Goodison Park after a spell at Spartak Moscow, and showed glimpses of the skill that attracted the Russian club’s interest when he first moved from Celtic, his former club.

The player was able to make only one league start since he arrived at Everton, but the manager and pay per head services believe that between now and the end of the season the club’s fans will see a lot more of him.

“He has been putting in extra work, working really hard,” the Spaniard told The Liverpool Echo.

And pay per head services would really like to see his effort pay off on the pitch.

“It’s about him setting certain levels to make sure he’s fully fit soon.

“I think when he is he’ll take us to a different level in terms of our forward play.

Pay per head services are also confident that the player will give his side a very big boost when he reaches full fitness.

“With Aiden we had to start from scratch in terms of building up the fitness levels that he needed and we can already see he’s a phenomenal player.

“He has great technical ability and it’s important to get him feeling sharp so he can show that.

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“He’s settled in really well and over the next few weeks I think we’ll see him ready to really help our season.”

McGeady’s fans and many in the football world know very well what a talented player he is, and they’re confident that he can only get better on the pitch. Developments on the winger will be very closely followed by price per head services, and they hope to see great performances made by him in future matches.