Pay per Head: Mayweather’s record kept intact after points win over Maidana

Marcos MaidanaPay per head services saw that once again, Floyd Mayweather’s record was kept intact after clinching a majority decision win in Las Vegas over Marcos Maidana.

Mayweather kept his WBC welterweight title and added to his collection the WBA crown as well improving his impressive professional record to 46-0, and pay per head services saw how delighted many fans were.

But price per head services saw that the aggressive Argentine Maidana gave the 37-year-old a more difficult fight than many expected to see, and after the first six rounds he even looked to be getting the better of the bout.

However, Mayweather pulled away in the fight’s second half with one judge leveling the fight 114-114, and two judges scoring it 117-111 and 116-112 in his favor.

But pay per head services could see that the fact that both Maidana and many of his fans were certain that he won showed just how competitive the fight turned out to be.

“I won the fight. He didn’t fight like a man,” Maidana told Showtime, and he was angry that he wasn’t able to use his favoured horsehair-filled gloves.

According to the punch statistics, Maidana threw over 400 more blows than Mayweather, but ended up landing nine less, however, despite Mayweather’s lesser subdued workrate, the American won the fight.

“It was a tough, competitive fight. I normally like to go out there and box and move. But he put pressure on me,” Mayweather said.

“I wanted to give the fans what they wanted to see so I stood and fought him.”

Maidana charged out of the blocks and Mayweather was backing up in the opening round due to an early onslaught, while in the third another furious flurry again gave the upper hand to the outsider.

The American appeared to be stunned by Maidana’s start, and even though Mayweather suffered a rare cut in the fourth round – apparently by means of an unintentional headbutt – pay per head services saw that the boxer was gradually able to find his range.

Maidana kept coming forward, but the boxer’s wild swings didn’t land with the regularity that they had earlier in the fight, and Mayweather started picking off his opponent.

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Then Mayweather gave Maidana strong shots a couple of times, but pay per head services saw that neither fighter was close to forcing a stoppage win.