Pay per Head: Mourinho studying Fabregas’ situation

Jose MourinhoJose Mourinho, Chelsea manager, said that he’s looking at Cesc Fabregas’ situation at Barca, and pay per head services wonder what’s next for the player.

The 27-year-old who’s very famous with price per head services is expected to part ways with the Catalan giants – who he re-joined from Arsenal in 2011 – in the following months as Barca are reportedly trying to buy Koke, Atletico Madrid midfielder.

Pay per head services were very impressed when they saw that Fabregas was able to score 42 goals in 151 matches in the time that he spent with Barca, but never firmly established himself ahead of the likes of Sergio Busquets, Xavi, and Andres Iniesta in the team’s midfield.

A return to the Gunners was mooted, even though they are believed to have decided not to enforce a buy-back clause that was part of the deal to sell the Spain international player to Barca, and pay per head services would like to see what will happen now.

Pay per head services also found out that Manchester United were credited with having a long-term interest in the player, and now the Portuguese manager hinted that he was tempted to try and lure Fabregas to Chelsea.

“I am interested in studying Fabregas’ situation,” Mourinho has been reported as saying, and pay per head services are sure that many Chelsea fans would not mind seeing the player join their side.

“I think he is anxious to leave Barcelona and motivated to return to England. I think that is clear.”

But pay per head services learned that Mourinho said that any potential move will not take place before the FIFA World Cup, which begins next week, where Fabregas will try to help Spain keep the trophy that they were able to win for the very first time in 2010.

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Mourinho added: “Whether he is going to sign for Chelsea or for another club, that is not a subject to be discussed today, tomorrow or before the World Cup.”