Pay per Head: Moyes backs United players to recover

David MoyesManchester United manager David Moyes and pay per head services following the team backed the players to recover after rivals City dominated his side in the derby on Sunday.

Pay per head services and Moyes watched United lose 4-1 at the Etihad Stadium, with an impressive late free-kick by Wayne Rooney being nothing more than a consolation for the team.

When he spoke to Sky Sports afterwards, Moyes admitted: “We didn’t play well; they were better. They started much stronger and much quicker than us.

“But we’ll get better – it’s a long season to go. We’ll put this behind us and move on.

“I thought Manchester City were very good. We weren’t, but City started the game really well. We really could have done with coming in at half-time 1-0, losing the second goal just before half-time changes it a little bit. Nevertheless, they came out strong again in the second half.

“I think they got a grip of the game very early on, and we didn’t. We never really got to grips with their midfield players in the early part of the game.

“Because of that, they started to get domination. We had to be stronger, but we weren’t. But geat credit to the lads that they kept going, kept working away and got a goal back.

“Whatever manager loses the game, you try and win the next one – nothing changes.”

When he was asked about Rooney’s performance, Moyes added: “I would say Wayne Rooney’s performance today was outstanding. He certainly didn’t deserve to be on the losing team. He was first class.”

Price per head services can see that Moyes’ side have seven points from their opening five fixtures, as they lost to rivals City and Liverpool, and Moyes spoke again about his unease at the testing start allocated to United by the match computer.

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“We did say it was a difficult start, didn’t we? I said at the time, the way the balls came out of the Premier League bag, I was’t convinced… and I’m still not.”

Pay per head services following United are also not very convinced, but have absolute faith in the team.