Pay per Head: Redskins’ Orakpo not focusing on sacks

Brian OrakpoThe Washington Redskins’ Brian Orakpo is not focusing on his contract or on sacks. He says that things will eventually smooth themselves out, and pay per head services would like to see if they do.

Pay per head services saw that the player has three sacks through eight games. He’s also in his contract’s final year.

“Look, we’re 3-5; that contract stuff, we’ll worry about it later,” he said. “I’m not really concerned with it right now. I’m just trying to win games, man, trying to get to these playoffs. That’s all. And then it will make their decision a lot easier for myself and for the coaches.”

The player is still getting plenty attention from offensive lines as occasional double-teams, chips by tight ends and, for the most part, linemen going his way. Pay per head services saw that on Sunday, there were a couple of times when Orakpo rushed one-on-one upfield with San Diego Chargers left tackle King Dunlap. However, Dunlap knew that he had help form the inside, so he set up wider and prevented the player from rushing past.

But price per head services saw that in the past two games, Orakpo did not record a QB hurry despite making a combined 90 pass attempts.

The player was close to Rivers many times, driving back Dunlap. But he did not, or could not, finish.

“I’m not worried about sack numbers,” said Orakpo, who has 11 career high sacks “Sack numbers are gonna come. Put a lot of pressure, a lot of quarterback hits. They’ll come.”

Two of his sacks were made against Oakland and QB Matt Flynn, who was holding the ball for a while and was not able to escape the pressure. Pay per head services saw that for much of the season, Washington faced elite QB’s: five are in the top seven and six rank among the top 11 in terms of passer rating.

But pay per head services are pretty sure that if Washington wants to make a legitimate run at the playoffs, the player will have to finish more. He has said that he’s physically fine, but also recovering from two torn pectoral muscles.

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“It’s hard,” Orakpo said. “From a fan’s perspective, they look at it like, ‘Oh, this guy sucks.’ But from around the league, coaches and everyone know what a guy brings to the table. Sometimes it’s not there. Sometimes sacks are so hard to get. That’s what people don’t understand. They’re so hard. Everything has to be perfect.