Pay per Head: Schmeichel urges United fans to be patient with Moyes

Peter SchmeichelPeter Schmeichel, former Manchester United goalkeeper who is very well known with pay per head services, urged the club’s supporters to have patience with David Moyes and his side.

Pay per head services saw that this season United already suffered losses in the Premier League, which led to some fans questioning whether Moyes, who in July succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson, is the right man for the club.

But after their 1-0 Capital One Cup victory over Liverpool, Schmeichel backed the former Everton manager to be successful at Old Trafford – as long as he gets time, and price per head services following the club seriously hope that he does.

“We always knew that whatever happened after Sir Alex, it would be a bumpy road. Someone had to be really brave and take that job,” Schmeichel told Sky Sports News.

And pay per head services were also aware of the fact that things would not be easy for United after Ferguson left the club.

“We knew every little thing that he does would be scrutinised and reported on in the media. It would be a debate – is he good enough?

“Has he got a few games left before he loses his game? He signed a six-year contract, there’s a reason behind the six years.

“People in football have short memories. The start of last season is the same as this season you know.

“We played relatively few number of games and had two defeats one at Everton then Spurs at home and we still managed to win by 13 points.

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“I listened to the radio on the way here and they’re saying it’s not even a top four squad, and I’m thinking ‘guys where do you get this from?”

United’s fans and pay per head services believe that that the club will get back on track very soon, and they have absolute trust in the manager’s abilities to lead the team.