Pay per Head: Simeone praises Atletico’s performance

Diego SimeoneDiego Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach, praised his players once again after their victory on Tuesday over Valencia, and pay per head services saw an excellent performance by his side.

Pay per head services saw that goals by Diego Godin and Raul Garcia in the second half helped Atletico clinch a 2-0 win in the second leg of the Copa del Rey, sending them 3-1 on aggregate into the quarter-finals, and the team’s fans were delighted to see that they made it this far.

The victory only came three days after Atletico drew to Barcelona 0-0 at home, and pay per head services saw another fine display by Simeone’s side in this match.

Simeone said that his team were able to prove their critics, who believed that tiredness would be a problem, wrong with their performance.

“After a big game, when people were doubtful about the answer of the players, they were amazing again,” he said.

Price per head saw that the critics were indeed proved wrong, and were impressed with what they saw on the pitch.

“There is a big work of the physiotherapists, doctors and basically big work of the players. You can’t play in this intensive rhythm without ambition.

“You can play better or worse but there is a team who respond in key moments.”

Simeone said that the way that Atletico worked together as a team was key as nine of the starting 11 which took on Barca were on again from the outset – something that pay per head services could clearly see.

“The tiredness of the competition is starting to appear but we have to play, we have to rest, we have to eat good and basically we have to read properly the games,” he said.

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“How we have to run less and how we have to work in a team to run less. I think it was a good example tonight when we had to defence. We shared the efforts and we did correctly.”