Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Galliani insists that Balotelli won’t leave Milan

Adriano GallianiAdriano Galliani defended Mario Balotelli in the midst of anger over Italy’s exit from the FIFA World Cup and insisted that he will not leave Milan, and pay per head sportsbooks wonder what’s next for the striker.

Price per head services saw that Balotelli’s performance in a 1-0 loss on Tuesday against Uruguay – a result that saw the Azzurri leave the competition in the group stages – was widely criticised over the last few days, and many fans were also very disappointed.

The Milan striker who’s very well known with pay per head sportsbooks all over the world for his talent on the pitch was substituted at half-time after he was given a yellow card that would have seen him miss the next game if his country made it to the last 16.

On Wednesday, Balotelli hit back at critics, and Galliani, who is Milan’s chief executive, did the same, while also dismissing speculation on the possibility that the player will leave the club, and pay per head sportsbooks know that many fans do not want to see the player go anywhere.

“It does not sit well with me that it seems that the international team has lost because of Balotelli,” said Galliani on Milan’s official website.

“Italy lost for many other reasons. Balotelli was the only striker who has scored a goal (at the World Cup, in a 2-1 win over England), while others have not made a shot on goal.

“I do not understand why you only talk about Balotelli. There was a coach, the technical staff and 22 other players: we have to talk about the collective.

“It seems now that the major disappointment was Balotelli.

“I do not understand this and do not want to really discuss it because I did not understand why the whole squad was not discussed.”

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Pay per head sportsbooks learned that Arsenal are reportedly very interested on the 23-year-old, but Galliani insisted: “Balotelli will remain at Milan.”