Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Groves does not believe that Froch wants a rematch

George GrovesGeorge Groves and many pay per head sportsbooks do not believe that Carl Froch will want to have a rematch after their controversial bout in Manchester.

Price per head services saw that Groves sent Froch to the floor in the opening round, but the ‘Cobra’ was able to keep his WBA and IBF titles after referee Howard Foster quickly stopped the fight in the ninth round.

Groves believes that he deserves a rematch after what he considers to be an “unfair and unjust” decision, but he does not think that Froch will want it, and pay per head sportsbooks will see what happens regarding this.

He told Sky Sports News: “Carl sat down at ringside for his post-fight interview and said ‘let’s have a rematch’ but after watching it back, I think he said it just to get a cheer from the crowd.

“He probably doesn’t believe he wants a rematch. I deserve one after everything I put up with. It was an unfair and unjust decision and if Carl does decide to box on, his next fight should be a rematch against me.

“It would be the biggest fight for him out there so there’s no reason not to have it, apart from the fact he knows that he got more than a lottery ticket on Saturday night. I’ve got the beating of him.”

Pay per head sportsbooks saw that after the fight, Groves was shown with former trainer Adam Booth, but he dismissed any hopes of them joining forces again.

“Adam was there with Andy Lee, who boxed on the undercard,” said Groves.

“Adam and I had a big falling out and it wasn’t easy to walk away from because there were contractual issues there.

“Ultimately, he was gutted for me as a friend that I had my dream unjustly taken away from me.

“But I’ve also had the best training camp possible with Paddy Fitzpatrick and the other guys I’ve worked with. Right now, I couldn’t ask for anything better than what those guys give me.

“There’s no way I would change what I had in the build-up to this fight.

“I’ve known Adam a long time. I respect him and I would like to remain friends with him, but our working relationship is over. It was an emotional night for us all and I think the camera just caught one of the first times I’ve seen him in 10 weeks.

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“Yes, it was sad but we won’t be working together.”