Pay per Head Sportsbooks: John Murray says that he will get respect after beating Anthony Crolla

Anthony CrollaJohn Murray and pay per head sportsbooks believe that a win next month over Anthony Crolla will give the fighter the credit he deserves.

Price per head services saw that the Mancunian boxer was somewhat forgotten after his two-year absence since he lost to Brandon Rios, then-WBA lightweight champion.

Murray returned with two wins, the last one which saw him beat John Simpson earlier this month in Glasgow, to the delight of many fans and pay per head sportsbooks.

And pay per head sportsbooks know that the 29-year-old will now take on his good friend Crolla as the fighters clash in their home town.

“I thought it was a great performance against John,” said Murray. “Simpson is a tough man and I don’t think anyone else in the country could’ve beaten him the way I did, Anthony Crolla certainly couldn’t.

“It would be a tough fight for him and although I would expect him to win I don’t think he would’ve done it the way I did.

“I don’t feel that I get the credit I deserve for the career I have had and I use that as a motivation, it’s put a chip on my shoulder and I use that to go into the ring and take people out until I do get the credit that’s due.

“Anthony is trying to break into the world scene and I am trying to get back there and land another world title shot so it’s the perfect fight. I think the winner of the fight will get a world title shot, so the stakes are huge.”

Pay per head sportsbooks saw that Murray was defeated by Kevin Mitchell before losing to Rios, and the boxer admitted that he felt jaded at that stage of his boxing career.

“The break recharged my batteries,” he added. “I was a bit flat towards the back end of my career, the last four or five fights I was just coming forward with my hands high trying to wear my opponents down because I was a bit worn out.

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“But I’ve had that break and I can see in training that I’m rejuvenated, fresher and sharper.”