Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Khan’s next opponent won’t be Broner

Virgil HunterPay per head sportsbooks learned that Virgil Hunter, Amir Khan’s trainer, confirmed that the Bolton man’s next fight won’t be against Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner.

The 27-year-old Khan was linked to take on Broner after a fight against Floyd Mayweather fell through, to the disappointment of many fans and pay per head sportsbooks.

Price per head services saw that Mayweather decided to take on Marcos Maidana – the only boxer who beat Broner in 28 fights – and this led to speculation that Khan could have the Cincinnati fighter on his radar.

But Hunter said that Khan has something else waiting for him, insisting that UK fight fans will be happy with what his fighter has in store.

“I can tell you this it won’t be Adrien Broner, I can say that it will not be Adrien Broner,” Hunter told Sky Sports. “People talk a lot in this business but I can assure you it won’t be Adrien Broner.

“I’m not at liberty to (say more). This is a business and out of courtesy to my whole team, I don’t think it would be right.

“But I think you’ll be happy in the next few days when you get clarity on the whole situation. I’m not at liberty to speak about it but I think in the next few days it will become apparent why it is a blessing in disguise.

“I’ll be in England next week to continue his training. He will be fighting within a period of 8-10 weeks so we’re happy about that.

Pay per head sportsbooks saw that Hunter was not happy with the fact that a fight against Mayweather never happened, but is confident that in the future this showdown will take place.

“It was a disappointment of course because you’d like to have people stay true to their word and unfortunately in this particular incident they weren’t true to their word,” Hunter said.

“But because Amir has handled it quite well I think it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise so we move forward.

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“But it’s definitely going to happen. I am very confident through the circle of people that I speak to. The people who are speaking on that matter are very true to their word so yes that fight will happen.”

Pay per head sportsbooks are eager see what’s next for Khan, and are confident that they won’t be disappointed.