Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Marotta believes that Juve fans should be concerned

CEO Beppe MarottaCEO Beppe Marotta warned that Juventus fans should be concerned that Antonio Conte could depart, and pay per head sportsbooks believe that the club could end up in a very delicate situation if he does leave.

Price per head services saw that in March, the three-time Scudetto-winning coach hinted that he was contemplating leaving Italy for a new challenge, and was since able to secure a third straight Serie A crown with Juve.

The former midfielder who’s very famous with pay per head sportsbooks all over the world said that he may leave the club due to an inability to improve on his achievements.

And pay per head sportsbooks could see that even though Marotta was very happy with what Conte gave to Juve, it did not do much to quell rumours that the coach could be set to leave the club.

He said: “I think it’s the right way to recognise the scope of what Conte has achieved at Juventus.

“As we’ve said before, Conte is a very well-prepared manager that has had a big say in the results achieved by this club.

“I believe it wise for the fans to worry about him being lured away from Turin.”

On Wednesday, the coach was seen sitting right next to former Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson during the UEFA Europa League final on Wednesday – which was held at Juventus Stadium.

Pay per head sportsbooks won’t forget when 12 months ago, Ferguson decided to quit his position as coach at Old Trafford after 26 years of success, and Marotta suggested that Conte could have been taking the now retired Scot’s advice, and pay per head sportsbooks were seriously wondering about this.

“Yesterday was a big celebration for football, the final of a very important trophy, it’s always a social occasion where you can meet icons of the sport like Alex Ferguson,” he added.

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“Maybe Conte can get some football wisdom or some advice about his future as a manager.”