Pay per Head: Tasotti said that he almost left Milan due to difficult relationship with Seedorf

Mauro TassottiMauro Tassotti said that he almost left Milan after having trouble working with former head coach Clarence Seedorf, and pay per head services do not find this very surprising.

Seedorf, former Milan midfielder who’s very well known with price per head services around the world, had the job of rescuing an upsetting season after he was named as Massimiliano Allegri’s replacement in January, but fans everywhere were disappointed to see that he failed, so he ended up being sacked from the club at the end of the campaign after finishing eighth in Serie A.

Tassotti found that life under the inexperienced coach was not easy, and pay per head services found out that he almost left Milan due to their problematic working relationship.

But the player and the club’s fans look forward to the future after Filippo Inzaghi was appointed as the club’s new coach, and pay per head services also hope to see things turn around for the club.

“It wasn’t an easy relationship,” he is quoted as saying in the Gazzetta dello Sport. “But that is all in the past so it’s useless talking about it.

“I haven’t spoken to him since it happened. I tried to work with him in the best way possible.

“But you have to feel like it’s a collaboration, and feel easy working together – it didn’t feel like that.

“I was very close to leaving Milan, but then I was told that there would be a new man coming in and I was wanted as part of the coaching staff.

Many fans and pay per head services were very surprised when they learned that he was almost going to leave the club.

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“I spoke with Pippo and with the club, and decided to stay.”

Milan’s fans hope to see their side greatly benefit with this change, and developments on the club will be very closely monitored by pay per head services all over the world.