PerHead Agents: Sherman said that he wasn’t trying to avoid the media

Richard Sherman - SeahawksRichard Sherman said that he was not evading the media after his team’s defeat to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, and the player seemed to laugh at Keenan Allen after the Chargers receiver said that Sherman – the Seahawk’s world-famous cornerback -was just a “normal guy and not a shutdown corner.” Football betting fans saw plenty of controversy after what was said by Allen, and were wondering about what Sherman had to say about this.

“You know, when a guy wants his name in the paper, he’s gotta say something crazy,” said Sherman.

“It’s humorous. I guess he wants something to tell his grandkids: ‘Remember the day I caught a couple of balls on Richard Sherman? No touchdowns, but I caught a few.'”

The CB didn’t talk to the media after the Seahawks were beaten by the Chargers 30-21, but the player said that he was not trying to avoid them.

“I was available,” said the player. “I didn’t sneak off. No one came up to me [in the locker room]. I took my shower and came back and everyone was talking to Earl [Thomas, who was next to Sherman]. I got dressed and left. I didn’t stick around a long time waiting for everyone.

“We just had played a game where it was over 100 degrees, and it was about 90 in the locker room. I wanted to get out of there and cool off. Someone came up to me in the hallway while I was signing autographs, but that was it.”

Perhead agents and fans learned that the person who approached the player was a reporter who wasn’t identified by Sherman, so the CB said that he wouldn’t talk.

But on Wednesday, the player had a lot to say when he was asked about how he felt about his performance against the Chargers.

“I played pretty well,” said Sherman. “But it’s really funny that two little Chargers say I was exposed. One had 50 yards [Allen had five receptions for 55 yards], and one had 60 [Eddie Royal had seven receptions for 69 yards]. It makes you laugh.”

Not a single pass was thrown by Aaron Rodgers – QB for the Green Bay Packers – to the receivers who were covered by Sherman in the season’s opening game, so more attention was brought into what San Diego would decide to do.

The player said that he knows that he’s under added scrutiny, something that many fans can clearly see.

“But I don’t go home and say, ‘Oh my god, what are they saying about me?'” said Sherman. “It comes with being a good player on a good team.”