Price per Head: Weimann wants to find the net as soon as possible

Andreas Weimann

Andreas Weimann believes that a single goal could help launch his season after having a hard time finding the net so far this campaign, and price per head services following the player hope that he scores as soon as possible.

Pay per head services saw that Weimann only scored one time in 10 appearances in the Premier League – the winner in his side’s 3-2 victory in September over Manchester City.

But Villa was not able to score in five of their six matches since then, and price per head services can see that the pressure is adding on the Aston Villa attacker – who last term scored 12 times in all competitions – to get back to his scoring form.

“If I get one goal, I feel I can go on a run,” he told the Birmingham Mail. “That’s what you always feel and I certainly have that mindset.

“It can just set you off. Your confidence starts to rise and you feel like you can’t miss.

“I just need that one goal to spark me. It could hit me on the shoulder, it could be a miskick – a goal is a goal and I think it will kick-start my season.”

However, Weimann said that he wasn’t feeling the pressure and felt confident that he would soon be able to score once again on a regular basis, and price per head services would like to see how he will continue to perform.

“I certainly don’t feel low,” he continued. “If you miss a chance you feel down immediately afterwards but it’s about keeping your spirits up and believing in yourself.

“I have plenty of confidence so I will just keep doing the right things and something will fall for me.

“Every striker goes through phases like that. You can’t have everything your own way all of the time.

“I would have liked to score more in this period but I still feel I have been contributing for the team.”

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West Brom takes on Aston Villa on Monday in the Premier League, and price per head services are anticipating plenty of action in this match.