QB Geno Smith is set to face the Steelers on Sunday

QB Geno Smith-JetsThis week, QB Geno Smith was trying to keep his profile low, but many bookies providing pay per head solutions were glad to learn that the injury suffered on his throwing shoulder made enough improvements to let him hit the field against the Steelers as the backup QB for the Jets.

“I’ll be ready, suited up,” said Smith. “I’ll be ready.”

For the second week in a row, QB Michael Vick will be the Jets’ starter, even though Smith will be healthy enough as a backup for the very first time since he joined the professional ranks – and the player believes that he might return this year as a freshman at West Virginia.

Last week, Matt Simms was playing as New York’s backup QB due to the injury suffered by Smith.

The player threw for 10 interceptions and seven TD’s. He was able to record 19 passes for TD’s in the two years that he played with New York, but there also 31 interceptions on the list.

Smith was speaking on Wednesday about GM John Idzik’s criticism.

“You can’t really put blame on any one person or any one player,” said the QB. “It’s a collective effort.”

Rex Ryan – under-fire coach for the Jets – said that Simms would continue to be in the team’s active roster list, even though he won’t be available for the game against Pittsbuirgh. Last week, Simms was able to play 11 snaps when Vick’s head hit the grass, and he ended up going through the team’s protocol on concussions

This year, things did not play out very well at all for the Jets, who are 1-8. Ryan was joking this week on whether he would be fired or not while singing praises to Mark Sanchez – former QB for the Jets – as well as Bob Sutton and Mike Pettine, former DC’s, for how successful they were with other teams in the league.

“A lot of guys have it going really good,” said Ryan, “but me.”

Smith is also having a horrible season, as the QB, who’s currently in his second year, turned into what many Jets fans thought to be their salvation into a massive question mark hovering above the team, and many bookies providing pay per head solutions would like to see what’s next for the player.

“No one’s more frustrated than I am or the guys in this locker room,” said Smith.