Ravens DE Canty believes that the Patriots are ‘habitual line-steppers’

Ravens - DE Chris CantyRavens DE Chris Canty said that the Patriots are “habitual line-steppers” and that using footballs that are underinflated is an issue that should be taken care of in the same manner as players who take forbidden substances or steroids. Live betting services can see that the player is not very happy at all with what the Patriots allegedly did, and neither are many fans.

The NFL are currently investigating the Patriots for the use of balls that were way below the league’s inflation requisites in the championship game of the AFC – a meeting that took place a week after Baltimore’s game at Foxborough.

Sources reported that the league found out that 11 out of 12 of New England’s footballs for the game were not inflated enough.

“The Patriots are habitual line-steppers,” said Canty. “If the allegations are true, then you are talking about attacking the integrity of our game and I have an issue with that. …

“What I’m going to say about the deflating of the balls, to me there is no difference than performance-enhancing drugs. You are cheating at that point. You are getting a competitive advantage outside of the rulebook and there has to be some sort of consequences for that.”

The player contested a report made by CBS Sports saying that the Ravens believe that the balls used for kicking in Baltimore’s defeat by New England on the 10th of January were not inflated enough, and on Wednesday, coach John Harbaugh said that Baltimore “didn’t notice anything” regarding the condition of the footballs used in the same game by the Patriots.

Canty believes that if it is proven that New England used footballs that were underinflated, there should be serious measures taken.

“To me, the integrity of the game is the most important thing,” said the DE. “You want to be successful as a player, but you want to think that you are doing things that are within the rules and that you are out there competing, and it’s not, whether it is performance-enhancing drugs or deflated footballs that is out there aiding in your performance.”

On Thursday, New England coach Bill Belichick said that he felt “shocked” when he was told about the claims that the Patriots were using deflated balls after officials inspected them before the meeting took place.

Many fans and live betting services believe that the Patriots might be in serious trouble, and would like to see what will ultimately happen to them.