Rodgers puts reporter in his place on Twitter

Aaron Rodgers puts reporter in his place on TwitterDid you hear the one about the jerk of a reporter that tweeted that Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t have been on the court after the Wisconsin win last week, because he wasn’t a reporter, and because he didn’t say yes to an interview request, as per online bookmaking solutions.

It wasn’t a joke, and Dennis Dodd is that reporter who made a huge stink about Rodgers on the social media site, Twitter, on Saturday, after the game.

Rodgers had been at the Wisconsin game versus Arizona with girlfriend Olivia Munn. The Badgers beat the Wildcats 85-78, and the game was just one of many Rodgers and Munn had attended to cheer on their favorite team.

“Aaron Rodgers in one of the biggest moments in the state’s history — ignoring how media has shaped his image – ‘I’m not doing interviews’”

Apparently this reporter doesn’t realize what he just said, inferring that the MVP NFL quarterback had nothing to do with his own career goals and accomplishments.

140 words weren’t enough for the reporter to finish complaining as he sent out tweet after ridiculous tweet.

“Media had to stay outside three point line (really) while Badgers cut nets. A Rodgers allowed unrestrained access to court. Fair?”he tweeted.

The CBS Sports writer continued on his rant;

“I can guarantee you this will be taken up by NCAA and USBWAA. A Rodgers shouldn’t be in a position for us to be blown off.”

Finally Rodgers responded in the only way he knew;

“To the biggest twitter crybaby of the night, I had a pass to be on the court. Send your complaints to the A.D. #quitcrying #youreajoke”

“Also with interview requests, sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it’s no. I’m not there for u, I’m there to support my friends n UW.”

“2 semesters at Butte 3 semesters at Cal 10 years a Wisconsin resident. I’ll pull for any team I want. But I don’t wear red.”

Maybe this could be a lesson for future cry babies. Learn the facts first before making a fool of yourself on the World Wide Web.

It is of not that the reporter hasn’t even deleted his tweets yet, making him more of a target for Green Bay Packers fans and online bookmaking solutions.