Romo and Flacco missed Wednesday’s practice

Tony RomoOn Wednesday, both the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens had the exact same problem, as during practice both teams didn’t have the services of their starting QB’s. Sports software services believe that this could spell plenty of trouble for both teams, and would like to see what steps they’ll take to solve this problem.

Flacco was not able to practice, but on top of that the player also couldn’t attend a conference call that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday. Coach John Harbaugh was not willing to comment when he was asked why the player missed the team’s practice.

Sources reported that Flacco did not attend practice because the player has a virus. The team later said that the player is struggling with an “illness.” It is not very clear at all about how severe the player’s illness is, but sources said that Flacco appeared to be in good shape before Baltimore’s meeting with Dallas, and the player’s fans were glad to learn about this.

The Ravens’ OB always started since he was taken by Baltimore in the NFL Draft of 2008. The player was able to start in 98 consecutive games – a streak that only stands behind Eli Manning’s 153 starts, and the 130 made by Philip Rivers, so this comes as a big surprise to many of the team’s fans.

According to sources, coach Jason Garrett said that Romo was not able to practice with the Cowboys because he has some back tightness.

“It’s gonna pop up,” said Romo. “I’m sure it’ll happen throughout the rest of the season. You’ll see a day here or there.”

The player added that on Thursday, he’s looking forward to going back to practice. In each one of the last two seasons, the QB had to go through back surgery.

PerHead agents can see that both teams are in a very tricky situation, and wonder how they’ll manage without these key players. Whatever happens, there’s still plenty of optimism among the fans, and they’re confident that the teams will somehow manage.