Ronaldo’s unimpressive start to the year worries Capello

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo’s fans and Fabio Capello were worried about the Portuguese star having trouble trying to get his form back since 2014, and the former Real Madrid boss spoke about his concerns. White label sportsbooks are also aware of the player’s drop of form, and wonder what’s going on with the Portuguese star.

Last year ended very well for Ronaldo, as he helped the club make it to Club World Cup triumph, before he was awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or, but the player was clearly having struggles on the pitch in La Liga since he returned to action from the winter break.

Ronaldo was only able to score on four occasions in eight meetings since the new year started, in comparison to ten goals scored in nine outings for the club when 2014 was ending.

Capello is a bit worried about the 30-year-old’s lack of form, saying that medical tests should be done, and fans around the world that follow the player that nothing serious is happening to him.

“It is very important that he is not at his usual level,” said Capello.

“At the end of last year Madrid began the game already 1-0 ahead, because they had Cristiano.

“There should be a talk with the doctors to know how each player is, including looking at their blood tests.

“But he is an extraordinary player and he will return to 100 per cent very soon.”

The Italian also spoke about Pepe’s return to full health – something that came as very good news to the team’s fans – after the player was out of the game for a month following an injured rib, saying that the problems that Real have with their defense should start improving as the centre-back is back in action, and white label sportsbooks could not agree more.

Capello added: “When you have a defence which helps you and gives you security, you do not make so many mistakes.

“Madrid at the moment are not so fresh, but when their centre-backs return, they will get many other things back.

“When [Raphael] Varane plays with [Sergio] Ramos or Pepe, he is a different player, he has more confidence.

“When the biggest games come, Madrid need their players with most character and quality.”

Real’s fans would like to know what’s going on with Ronaldo, but many are very optimistic and are confident that he’ll return to action at the top level once again, and hopefully as soon as possible.