Russell Wilson still troubled after one-yard-line interception

Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ world famous QBRussell Wilson, the Seahawks’ world famous QB, said that he’s completely responsible for the play that led Seattle to lose the Super Bowl, but the QB and many pay per head bookies believe that he will again make it to the big game, and would like the fans to remember him for something else than the play that saw Seattle lose.

A video of 4-minutes and 20-seconds was posted by the QB, where he mentioned how he felt, but also made the introduction with the following words:

“One yard. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been thinking about that one yard for the past 17 days,” wrote the QB. “Everyone wants to know how I feel. Well, it’s complicated. Walking off that field in Arizona and seeing disappointed Seahawks fans in the stands was anguish. How could I not feel like I let them down? I tried to be positive, but I’m not perfect.

“I have been away from the game for almost three weeks, trying to escape football and clear my mind. But the funny thing is, I’ve never felt hungrier to get in the weight room and the film room and keep pushing until we get to Super Bowl 50.

“How do I feel? I don’t know if I can fit it into a sound bite. I definitely couldn’t fit it into a 30-second Instagram video. So, after the Players’ Tribune roundtable event on Saturday, I had the camera crew stick around so I could talk it out. Sorry if it’s not perfect. There was no script here. I just wanted to talk directly to the 12s. This is for you.”

Wilson acknowledged in his video the pain that he was feeling regarding the interception thrown on the Patriots’ 1-yard line during the game’s last seconds, something that let New England beat Seattle 28-24.

“It hits me,” said the QB. “It’s tough to deal with. It’s a tough feeling of losing. If anybody hates losing, I hate losing. … Me feeling like I didn’t make a play and knowing it’s over.

“I want to let you know my thought process. I know I threw that pass and I know I will throw another one. Hopefully I will be remembered for something different.”

Seahawks coaches took a lot of the blame after a play was called by them on second down, right at the 1-yard line, but the one who took the responsibility was Wilson.

“The most important thing at quarterback, and a leader in general, is accountability,” said Wilson. “So what happened in Super Bowl 49, I take full responsibility for it.”

The QB then said that he’s looking forward to getting a next chance. He also said that he will try to get better, and many pay per head bookies don’t doubt this.

“The belief that I’m going to get there again and we’re going to do it better than it’s ever been done is never going to change for me,” Wilson said. “I’m going to be the last guy to ever give up. I’m going to be the last guy to not take a risk.

“Through all the ups and downs and wondering what happened, I’m prepared for the next moment. In my mind, I believe I have a killer instinct and will keep doing everything I can to be successful.

“And there’s a difference between just being successful and being significant. My goal is to be significant. My goal is to make a difference, to do it better than anybody’s ever done it. Call me crazy. Call me insane. I don’t know, but I believe I’ll get there again.”