Stephen Jackson doesn’t doubt that Ferguson cop is a racist

Stephen JacksonLocal bookies can see that Stephen Jackson does not doubt for a second that 18-year-old Michael Brown’s shooting was the act of a racist police officer who was just waiting for the moment to kill someone whose skin color happened to be black. Pay per head agents know how disturbing this incident was, and can imagine how bad many people must feel.

Jackson, whose community activism made him very well known with pay per head agents, said that according to the eyewitness accounts that he heard, he came to the conclusion that Brown’s death by officer Darren Wilson was racially incited, and many local bookies fully agree with the player, considering everything that they’ve also heard regarding this incident.

Price per head services saw that the NBA veteran, who played for the league for 14 years and is very famous with local bookies, was not very happy at all by the incident, and pay per head agents all over the world following this ongoing story can understand why the player feels this way.

“You gotta be walking around holding on to that inside you. It had to be a dream of his to kill a Black man. Especially considering the head shots they say he fired.”

He said that the rioting doesn’t surprise him because … “When you lose someone like that it just reminds you of all the other people that you lost to this type of stuff.”

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Jackson also said that the one good thing that he saw is that black people are not the only ones protesting – local bookies can see that people of other races and colors are also hitting the streets. The player sees injustice as being just that – injustice. Plain and simple, “It doesn’t matter what race people are, they are going to react.”

Pay per head agents and local bookies can see how problematic this whole incident proved to be, and they would like to see justice served – hopefully as quickly as possible.